Be Receptive: How to Use Automatic Likes to Build a Conversation

If you choose to buy automatic likes, this can provide a quick increase in the amount of followers that you have and can get a quick boost in how many views that your page gets. This is great in that a lot of likes at once or even gradually over time but within a shortened time frame will likely get people noticing and talking about your page. But, if you want to make your automatic likes work for you, then, consider that you need to let this be the start of the conversation.

This may be a bit confusing for those that are new to social media or who are new to buying likes. And that is okay. What is meant by a conversation with an audience is an interaction between the two groups: the page owner and the page itself. The like is the first step in the conversation. It is an audience member, be it purchased or not, starting a conversation, telling you that they liked something. It would be rude not to talk back! There are several ways to do this. You can either post similar content and show the individual who liked the page that you were listening. You can also choose to start an actually conversation by commenting on the content and engaging the audience with follow up interactions. The choice is up to you but make it wisely and make sure to make it! Your audience will thank you!